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TyrePal Ltd , the specialists in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), have upgraded their TA22 models so that pressure settings can be easily adjusted. The TA22 has become highly successful for caravan and motorhome owners as it provides continuous monitoring of tyre pressures and immediate warning if things are going wrong.

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With these new models, designated TA22X, you can simply change pressure settings whenever required, the monitor stores the settings, and they come into effect when it has been operating for about 20 minutes. This feature makes the TA22X ideal for caravanners who need to regularly change pressures on their car – before the journey with their caravan, when they arrive at the site, again when they travel home and finally when they get home.

Tyre Pal showing deflated tyre
TyrePal TA22X TPMS showing a low pressure situation on near-side caravan wheel (see semi-deflated tyre symbol below vehicle)

The TA22X system is so simple to set up: the sensors replace the standard dust caps on the tyres and have anti-theft collars to prevent them being stolen. There are only two steps to install the TA22X system:
1. Set the usual cold tyre pressures for your vehicle (up to 145psi).
2. Register the sensors by screwing them onto the tyre valves.
The TA range is designed to monitor your tyres and display diagnostic information and warnings if things go wrong.

The system automatically sets alert levels based on the target tyre pressures that you input and provides immediate diagnostic information in the event of a tyre problem – it will only alert you when there are problems. The display defaults to just an outline of the vehicles and the wheel positions being monitored, but gives audible and visual alerts in the event of an abnormal situation. However, a push button enables you to scroll through the wheels to display the actual pressures and temperatures at any time.

Tyre Pal all possible monitors
TyrePal TA22X TPMS showing all wheel positions available

The TA22X range is extremely versatile and can be extended with additional sensors or a signal booster if requirements change. It comes in various configurations, starting with a 2-wheel system (TA22X/2) for a single-axle caravan where the towcar already has TPMS and the owner just wants to include monitoring for the caravan or trailer. Because it is so easy to add additional sensors, users can add the facility of monitoring their caravan spare wheel by just ordering an additional sensor.
The TA22X/4 four sensor system is suitable for an owner with a twin-axle caravan (and again an additional sensor can monitor the spare wheel). This configuration can also be used on 4-wheel motorhomes.

The TA22X/6 will suit either tag-axle or twin-wheel 6-wheeler motorhomes, TA22X/8 suits a caravanner with car and twin axle caravan, and the TA22X/10 is ideal for a 6-wheel motorhome towing a car.

Any of the TA22 systems can be extended afterwards with additional sensors up to a total of 22 wheels, and a booster can be added afterwards if the transmission distance so requires.

The system is supplied with everything needed:

• 1 Monitor unit with rechargeable battery
• 1 Monitor holder with suction base
• 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 valve-cap sensors 0-145psi (cold inflation pressure)
• 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 sensor batteries (Lithium CR1632)
• 1 Anti-theft set, containing collars for each sensor and a locking tool
• 1 Power connector for 12-30V vehicle socket

• TA22X/2 Two-wheel system £125 including VAT
• TA22X/4 Four-wheel system £165 including VAT
• TA22X/6 Six-wheel system £220 including VAT
• TA22X/8 Eight-wheel system £278 including VAT
• TA22X/10 Ten-wheel system £336 including VAT
• TA additional sensor (note this sensor is unique to the TA22 system. Not suitable for TD series) – £29.00 including VAT
• TA Signal booster to extend range from sensor to monitor – £39.00 including VAT

Order online or get further information at Tyre Pal.

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