The Story of Sprite Caravans

Book - The story of Sprite Caravans

This is a book that only one man could write and only one man could bring together. It isn’t just the result of painstaking research to ensure accuracy Andy Jenkinson actually knew the Sprite Founder Sam Alper OBE and he has been an enthusiast for touring caravans and caravanning virtually the whole of his life. Andy writes for many of the leading caravan magazines and has an encyclopaedic knowledge about the subject. He has collected pictures, magazines, brochures and user guides on touring caravans for almost 50 years and this vast archive of material puts him in an unrivalled position to produce a book on one of the key tourers of British caravanning.

The Story of Sprite Caravans is a fascinating insight into the history and development of this popular brand of tourer that played a major part in making caravanning the mainstream leisure activity that it has become in the UK today. Ever since the first Sprite caravan was built in post war 1949, Sprite has been synonymous with practical, lightweight and affordable caravans.

The book tells of the story of Sprite caravans, from early primitive designs to the sophisticated Sprite ‘vans of today. It describes how one man Sam Alper OBE was driven to provide the caravanning public with cheap affordable holidays, by bringing the Model T Ford mass-production methods to the caravan industry.

The book includes rare images from Andy’s own archive of photographs and publications from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

Sprite became the caravan that brought many families into the hobby from the early 1950s, and this book examines just how prolific the brand was, not only in the UK, but on a global basis too. It tells how Sprite mastered mass production in caravans, and how it pioneered rigorous testing procedures, with plenty of illustrations of this taking place.

Sam Alper OBE, the founder of Sprite, marketed caravanning as a pastime, and proved that caravans were safe and easy to tow, with simple designs both inside and out that could also be appealing to buyers. Much of the rare promotional mock-up material he used to do this is reproduced in the book, along with rare press shots of stars from the Carry On films, some of which featured Sprite Caravans. Comprehensive, unique, and totally up-to-date, this is essential reading for enthusiasts.

You can download a sample of Andy’s book here:
The Story of Sprite Caravans

More information from the publishers Veloce here:

Andy’s book is a labour of love drawn from personal experience and draws from his massive knowledge and archive of material on the subject. A must have for any Sprite owner!

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