Autosleeper Caravans

Autosleepers Caravans

To the untrained eye a coach built motorhome is just a caravan on the back of a Fiat Ducatto or Peugeot Boxer. Little wonder then that a firm that is well known for building this type of vehicle should spot the opportunity to use the skill it has developed in coach building and bring it to the caravan market.

Autosleepers plans to unveil its new range of caravans at the Caravan and Motorhome show at Birmingham’s NEC in the Autumn.

Produced at the Auto-Sleepers main factory in Willersey and launched under the AS Caravans of Excellence banner, this exciting new venture will offer the aspiring caravanner the opportunity to surround themselves in a luxury, stylish, innovative and high quality product built with a Half Century of Experience.

The manufacturer is keeping details of the new caravans a closely guarded secret. We will watch with interest and keep you informed as soon as we hear any news of this interesting new move in the caravan industry.

Autosleeper Caravans

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