Bailey fit safety bolt

Bailey WSL safety bolt

The WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt is the first bespoke wheel bolt designed for the caravan industry. It represents a huge leap forward in the technical development of a component that has remained largely unchanged for decades.

Bailey is the first mainstream European manufacturer to specify this new bolt and currently fits it as standard on all new Unicorn and Pegasus GT65 models. Safety bolt sets are also available as a cost option upgrade for all other Bailey ranges (built from 2000 onwards) and can be purchased through the Bailey Parts web site on the following link

Caravans today are much more sophisticated than those produced a decade ago. Typically they have increased in size and weight plus they feature more complex braking systems, larger wheel diameters, low profile tyres and in some cases are fitted with stability control. Yet in that time the basic bolt holding the wheel assembly together has not changed – something which specialist wheel supplier WSL has sought to address.

Working in collaboration with world renowned bolt technology specialists, Bolt Science, WSL has developed a new bolt better suited for this application in modern caravans. The new designs have been tested extensively both at Bolt Science and the AL-KO research facilities in Germany plus twice on the track at the Millbrook Proving Ground as part of Bailey of Bristol’s accelerated life test programme before being brought to market.

The result is a dedicated Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt which features a bespoke floating collar and a high performance anti-friction surface finish, which together allow more of the torque energy to be converted into clamping force rather than being lost to overcome friction, thus significantly reducing the risk of a loss in bolt torque and potential wheel detachment. The bolts also enjoy the added benefits of a security locking head to offer greater protection against theft and an anti-corrosion coating for enhanced longevity.

For more technical information on this new component please click here

Commenting on this initiative Bailey Managing Director Nick Howard said: “Fortunately wheel detachments are relatively rare in our industry; however we want to make sure that we do everything we can to safeguard against it occurring on our vehicles. Consequently we wanted to be the first manufacturer to fit the WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt as standard specification on our caravan ranges to highlight how seriously we take this subject”.

“We would like to commend Steve Budding and the team at Wheel Solutions for taking the lead on this issue and for choosing us as their development partner for this key safety component” he added.

The fitment of the WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt in conjunction with the AL-KO AKS stabiliser, AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System, TUV certified and laser balanced alloy wheels and high performance Michelin tyres on the Unicorn and Pegasus GT65 model ranges provides owners with one of the best caravan safety packages available today to provide them with total peace of mind when travelling the open road.

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