Caravan Insurance Confusion!

Caravan Insurance confusion

Confused? You soon will be.

Price comparison sites are set to enter the caravan insurance arena but is that a good thing? Caravan insurance is a specialist area and specialists including the caravan clubs compete for your attention and do so increasingly. Some companies frustrated because caravan owners have never heard of them and search engines seem to rank their websites below a level at which caravan owners will take any notice are starting to turn to price comparison sites.

To give comparison sites their due, if they have one form and it makes it easier for you to get a number of quotes that has to be a good thing doesn’t it?

Well it would be good if all of the best caravan insurance specialists were featured but they simply are not. The real specialists like the Caravan Club, The Camping and Caravanning Club and companies focused solely on the caravan and motorhome sector like Caravanwise are not on the comparison sites.

Phil Holden MD of Caravanwise said “To be honest we don’t really want to attract people who choose their insurance purely on price. We are good for people who love the freedom that their caravan brings them, who enjoy life and who value the service that we provide. We want to give them peace of mind and the confidence that they are with a firm who understands their needs and that has added features to their policy to make sure that they are not caught out is the worst should happen.”

Caravan insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK. Your car must be insured to tow a caravan and your drivers licence must permit your to tow a combination in the weight range of your rig but you don’t have to have separate cover for your caravan. If all you want to do is save money why bother buying separate insurance at all? The answer to this is simple, most caravanners like you understand the value of a policy that covers your caravan, that will pay for an awning when it is damaged in a storm and will pay for you to get home if your caravan is damaged abroad and you can’t tow it home.

You will not find the best caravan insurers on price comparison website. You have to go to firms like Caravanwise direct.

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