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Caravanwise – the caravan insurance intermediary have today announced a free prize draw which is aimed squarely at raising awareness of legal and safety concerns associated with towing mirrors. A strategy which is known in the business as risk management but looks a little like educated self interest. The more people who know that they are required to use towing mirrors the better for them and perhaps this will lead to a lower number of claims for side damage.

Phil Holden MD of Caravanwise said “Every year we seem to have more claims for minor bumps and scrapes on the sides of caravans than just about anything else. We don’t know how many of those are caused because the driver can’t see down the side of the caravan properly but it must be a contributory factor in some cases”.

He went on to say. “I recently had a trip down the M1 on a Friday afternoon and made a point of noting the numbers of caravanners who were not using towing mirrors. I’d say around one in four did not have towing mirrors and were relying on their cars wing mirrors for whatever rearward view they were getting. 4×4 drivers seem to be the biggest culprits. There’s a big enough blind spot in any car making overtaking on a motorway require particular care and this is even larger when towing a caravan if you don’t have towing mirrors”.

Caravanwise have six sets of the Award winning Milenco Aero2 towing mirrors to give away in their free prize draw. These mirror sets retail for around £33.50 and comprise a left and right handed mirror, each of which fits easily to a car’s wing mirror and a storage/carrying case. The mirrors have been tested to ensure that they remain stable at speeds far in excess of what any caravanner should be towing at. In towing mirror terms these really are “the business”.

In the UK there is a legal requirement to have rear view mirrors fitted that allow a clear view of a specified area behind a vehicle. See the picture below. Drivers of large 4×4s believe that they are OK but unless they have a particularly narrow caravan this simply can’t be the case. For example a Land Rover Discovery is 2.18 metres wide to the tips of the mirrors and a typical caravan is 2.3 metres wide. It is therefore geometrically impossible for them to comply with the law and from a personal point of view the blind spot reduces the safety of the driver and their family. Some police forces are starting to take this seriously and if convicted it can lead to a fine of up to £1,000 and 3 points on your licence.

Caravan Towing Mirrors - UK law

The free prize draw is open to all UK touring caravan owners who get a quote for touring caravan insurance from the Caravanwise web site before midnight on 14th August 2010. There is no need to make a purchase to be entered and the draw will take place on or after 16th August 2010. The aim is to have the mirrors in the hands of the winners a few days after that. Hopefully the lucky winners will have the mirrors to use before their last trip of the season.

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