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Lightsure on as the lights go out! Here’s a great new product, from Einstein Ideas Ltd, that not only gives you peace of mind, but just might save you from future accidents or prosecution. If you’ve ever worried about the lights failing on your caravan, or just want the peace of mind of being able to check everything’s OK, here’s the ultimate solution.

Lightsure is designed to fit any vehicle of any age that operates on a 12V electrical system. That includes the latest cars using CAN Bus wiring systems. It consists of a receiver, which is wired into the towbar electrics and concealed in the luggage area, and a compact remote control unit which can sit in the door pocket for when needed. Thereafter, it’s a simple process to check that all your lights are working correctly, at any time – at the start, end or even during your journey.

Lightsure’s developer and company founder is Graham Holmes. As well as being a highly experienced caravanner, he was also the man behind the design and manufacture of HMC sports cars, and developed the Lobini sports coupé for the Brazilian market.

Graham says: “Lightsure is the only tester of its kind that can test the connection between the car and caravan whilst ‘in use’. Others will test both, but not when joined together. “Lightsure will check the correct wiring of the socket, plug and caravan road lights by clearly showing on the handset which lights should illuminate with each button. It will assist in fault-finding by keeping power on to the circuit whilst giving you two hands free to work.”

As part of a thorough pre-production testing programme, Lightsure called on the services of Barry Norris, former head of the Camping and Caravanning Club’s Technical Information department and a keen caravanner himself. He helped develop Lightsure in conjunction with a leading towbar wiring specialist.

Says Barry: “When Graham Holmes first telephoned me to discuss the idea of Lightsure I was somewhat sceptical but when he later demonstrated the product I was instantly convinced that it would become a ‘must have’ item for serious caravanners.”

Lightsure has an introductory price of £89.99 including postage, available direct from the Lightsure website (with details of UK stockists to follow). Guaranteed for 12 months, fitting time is around 30 minutes and may be easily carried out by a competent DIY person though Einstein Ideas Ltd is also in the process of organising a network of authorised fitters to provide support for those who may be less confident. For more information, see

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