Wandahome charity pull

Wandahome charity pull

On behalf of KCFM’s 3 month challenge to raise money for Macmillan, Cancer Support, Wandahome pulled a caravan over 3 miles from Brough Police to their offices in South Cave last Sunday morning.

The entire event was covered by KCFM encouraging donations in aid of their 3 month challenge finalising at the end of this month.

Wandahome managed to pull the caravan within the hour raising over £1200 (well over our target which was just £500)! On returning to their offices the fundraising continued with a raffle and buffet including some lovely Macmillan cupcakes all for small donations.

Wandahome fancied up the caravan with banners and streamers and the staff involved in the caravan pull had great fun and could be seen a mile off in their green wigs!

‘We think Barry (our lead puller) was on a mission to see how fast he could pull a caravan the full 3 miles, practically on his own! We did manage to slow him down a little for any photo opportunities but there was no stopping him. Darren (our second in command) got a sweat on about a mile in and had to lose the green wig and coat. Meanwhile Ric and I (still in our green wigs and coats) spent half the time laughing and giggling at the situation whilst trying to slow him down. At one stage the marshals were about half a mile behind us but they caught up eventually and we all finished together in style with a few supporters awaiting our return.’ Steve Bateman, Director.

‘Fortunately the weather was on our side throughout the entire day so apart from being windswept on our return it was a fantastic event which we hope to do again in the future. From doing this event it has made me realise just how many people are affected by Cancer and who have received help from the Macmillan team – it is such a great cause. Our fundraising page through just giving is still active and will be finalised at the end of April.’ Charis Hawkins, Marketing Coordinator.

Our fundraising page has been set up through justgiving and can be found at www.justgiving.co.uk/wandahome-caravan-pull.

Macmillan have organised an event to finalise the fundraising through the 3 month challenge, tickets can be purchased by contacted Crystal Ness on 07894 936852 or cness@macmillan.org.uk.

Anyone who’s been touched by cancer and helped by Macmillan nurses knows just how valuable they are, at such a difficult time.

Just £25 pays for a Macmillan nurse for an hour – we’d like to be able to provide this service many times over for people living with cancer in East Yorkshire.
It’s a terrible fact that one 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer, including an estimated 200,866 people in East Yorkshire.

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